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Sure, Bank Branches Are Declining – But Let’s Keep Things in Perspective

Here we go again. We can probably count on a replay of these headlines with every quarterly bank earnings release cycle. Here’s a recent one, courtesy of CNN: “Why Bank of America Branches Are Disappearing.” The article begins with the concise statement, “The future of banking is here- and it’s mobile.” I agree wholeheartedly with this…

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Who Will Use the Branch of the Future?

One of the hottest banking topics these days concerns the future of the branch.  Are they becoming obsolete?  Will they be downsized?  Will they take on a completely different look and feel?  How many will be consolidated and closed?  Will they be put to a different use? Bottom line – there is a lot of…

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Reinventing the Branch — The Impossible Dream?

Here’s a very important question that needs more objective pondering:  Will brick and mortar branches play a role in the future of consumer banking? Right now it seems people are dug in on two opposing fronts.  One group believes branches are slowly becoming obsolete and should be downsized and the number reduced during this transition….

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