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Sure, Bank Branches Are Declining – But Let’s Keep Things in Perspective

Here we go again. We can probably count on a replay of these headlines with every quarterly bank earnings release cycle. Here’s a recent one, courtesy of CNN: “Why Bank of America Branches Are Disappearing.” The article begins with the concise statement, “The future of banking is here- and it’s mobile.” I agree wholeheartedly with this…

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DX17 Offers Insight into Improving UX, Payments, and Future of Branches

Registration for the upcoming Deluxe Exchange 17 (DX17) is in full swing. Whether your focus is on the retail or commercial side of your financial institution, you’ll find the DX17 agenda packed with valuable sessions. Slated for Feb. 7-8, 2017, at the legendary Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, DX17 will feature some of the financial industry’s…

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What Retailers can Teach FIs About Marketing

Many financial institutions don’t want to admit it, but the truth is simple – financial institutions are retailers. If you are not operating that way, you are missing key opportunities to engage with consumers and provide them solutions based on their needs. Think about it. When consumers shop at clothing stores, they generally don’t head…

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Uncovering Rocks to Find Innovative Cost Cutting Opportunities — Without buying cheap toilet paper

In college, my nutritional value came primarily from Ramen noodles and Pop-tarts.  I would add a little variety into my diet every now and then – such as switching from chicken to the pork flavor of ramen.  When I got tired of the same old cuisine, I employed a few food hacks like adding a…

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Bringing the Digital and Mobile Evolution into the Branch

“6 Ways to Overcome the Mobile Zombie Apocalypse in Bank Branches” “Will Branches Ever Die” “Bank Branches Are Dead: Long Live Call Centers” “Why Branches Aren’t Dead Yet” This is a sampling of headlines you’ll find on The Financial Brand when you look up branches. In all there were 63 pages of articles on the…

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Examining Your Branch Network

How healthy are your branches? Are they driving the overall growth of your financial institution, or are they consuming the profits that nurture the whole organization? It should go without saying that any financial institution is only as good as its branches, but too often banks and credit unions overlook that fundamental truth. While looking…

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Who Will Be Leading Your Branch of Tomorrow?

Your bank is only as good as its branches, each branch is only as good as its staff, and the branch team is only as good as the professionals you have in place to lead the branch. It seems like that should all go without saying, shouldn’t it? Yet lack of leadership development strategies is…

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