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Blockchain and Banks: What’s in Store for 2017 and Beyond

“Blockchain will do to the financial system what the Internet did to media.” — Harvard Business Review “Around 80% of banks are developing their own blockchain technology.” — ValueWalk “Blockchain will be used by 15% of big banks by 2017.” — Fortune Google the phrase “blockchain and banks” and you’ll get more than half a million results, many…

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The Paper Check Lives: Why the Check Decline Slowed in 2016

You might not yet have seen the results of the new Federal Reserve Payments Study; after all, the summary was released just before the long Christmas holiday. But when you do, one thing that will stand out is the tremendous good fortune of the check – which had been on a collision course with irrelevance…

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It’s All About the Blockchain (er, Distributed Ledger)

It’s not about Bitcoin. There may eventually be a commercially viable- albeit still niche- role for cryptocurrency. It probably won’t be filled by Bitcoin, though, which is unlikely to sufficiently erase its tainted image. But that’s a red herring- the virtual currency opportunity is not the impetus for the billions of investment dollars announced and…

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Getting Inside the Minds of 400 Tech Leaders in Georgia

In late February I attended the Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) most successful Financial Technology symposium yet. This annual one-day event has grown in each of its five years, this time convening over 400 industry leaders for panel discussions, emerging technologies, and networking. Deluxe is a proud sponsor of TAG; in fact, Georgia’s stature as…

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The Ongoing War Against Savers and Saving Money

Growing up many of us heard more than once that the great Albert Einstein once exclaimed that “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Others claim that he called compound interest “the human race’s greatest invention.” Yet others are sure he referred to it as “the most powerful force in the universe.” Bottom…

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The Bankers’ Curse — Drowning in Information

I think we can all agree up front that today consumer banking finds itself in the midst of a rapidly changing banking environment.  I believe it is safe to say we are in the midst of historic changes…changes that will ultimately alter the face of consumer banking. In fact, the survival of many community banks…

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Are Banks in Danger of Losing the Checking Account?

I’ve had this belief for a number of years that at some point in the future something would come along to dramatically change the way consumers handle their money – specifically the money placed into a checking account. It wasn’t the ATM or debit card that caused me to think this way. It was Merrill…

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