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Deluxe Exchange 2015 Day Two Recap

Deluxe Exchange was a huge hit in 2015,, you can read our day one recap here. Attendees left the absolutely stunning Phoenician Resort talking about how they were challenged to think a little differently about how they were doing things. The format for day two was a little different, but it kicked off in much the same way,…

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Deluxe Exchange 2015 Day One Recap

Day one of Deluxe Exchange 2015 is now in the books. It was a truly memorable day filled with highlights that included a visit from Nate Silver, a few trips to the Design Lab, an insightful Panel Discussion, and some wonderful breakouts by some of the biggest names in the financial services space. John Filby…

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12 Days to a SAFE Christmas

I wanted to do something a little different today. Most of my blogs talk privacy and security concerns and news to help banks and credit unions stay ahead of fraud. I realize that you are all consumers as well and it might be helpful to understand what you should be doing as consumers to keep safe during…

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Financial Institutions Must Shift from Money to Data

What could be more important to your bottom line than your balance sheet? Could anything have a greater impact on a financial institution’s ability to survive, thrive and grow? Apparently, yes. Data and analytics are the name of the game Information is rapidly ascending as the greatest asset a financial company can have – at…

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(Re)focusing on Trust and Ethics in Marketing

In October I attended DMA 2014 (Direct Marketing Association’s annual conference), where there were over 2200 attendees representing 30+ countries; tons of interesting sessions. Understandably, you couldn’t escape the preponderance of marketing buzzwords such as brand engagement, omni-channel, multi-channel orchestration, customer-centricity, and journey-centric marketing. Those of us in the compliance profession were heartened by the…

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How to Respond to the Regulation Avalanche

As follow up to last week’s blog on how the avalanche of regulation can stifle innovation in banks and credit unions, I wanted to share some ideas to start the discussion on organizational steps that you can take to enhance the risk and compliance culture. Maturing the processes internally, requires education – and while that…

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Big Data Helped Win the World Cup

When Germany’s soccer team defeated Argentina 1-0 in the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup final, the champion team had a “secret weapon” in its favor: big data. Throughout the tournament leading up to the final, team managers used a custom-created data analysis tool to analyze performance metrics and create performance targets for specific players, the…

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