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How Community Banks Can Up Their Lending Game Against Marketplace Lenders

While finding a niche market can be a revenue boon for a small bank, consumer lending has long been the bread and butter of most community banks. Selling mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and other consumer products is a natural fit for smaller financial institutions that emphasize the importance of personalized bank-customer relationships in a…

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What’s in Store for DX17: Keynote Speakers with Impressive Political Chops

The annual Deluxe Exchange conference is always something special for the financial services industry, but DX17 is going to elevate the experience to a whole new level. It’s the first ever Deluxe Exchange in a presidential inauguration year — and the first time DX attendees will hear from two people who’ve had front-row seats to the…

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Six Slick Ways to Leverage the Small Business Owner’s Dissatisfaction with Online Lenders

Joe wants to borrow some money to buy the equipment his micro-business needs to grow. Discouraged at his prospects of getting a loan from a traditional bank, Joe applies to an online lender and quickly gets approved. At first, Joe is thrilled to have the money he needs, but soon problems emerge and he realizes…

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Deluxe Exchange 2016: Bigger and more insightful than ever

Another Deluxe Exchange is in the books. This year’s event brought even more excitement, more content, more speakers, and more fun than ever before. The annual conference unites key industry thought leaders to talk about the issues that most concern bankers throughout the U.S. With close to 60 breakout sessions over two days, there is…

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New Marketing Competencies To Seize Moments Of Opportunity In 2016

Albert Einstein famously said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. That axiom can easily be adapted to describe how many community banks and some credit unions market their mortgages and other consumer loan products. Not only are they doing the same thing they’ve…

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Are Your Leaders Managing the Changing Tides, or is no one Steering the Ship?

Change is the law of life. – John F. Kennedy The banking industry is changing — radically and at warp speed. But instead of someone stepping up to take charge, banks have been languishing with no one at the helm of their careening ship. The scope and pace of change in the environment in which…

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