Level The Playing Field With Business Mobile

Mehul Patel June 7th, 2017

Business mobile isn’t just for big banks.

A boutique bank with no retail presence is leveling the playing field in some of the most competitive banking markets in the United States by offering its clients this ‘big bank’ product.

Business mobile is a key part of the institution’s customer focus and is being introduced in response to customer demand. Business mobile builds on the organization’s success with remote deposit capture, which it deployed in 2015.

Business mobile is a configurable remote deposit capture application that captures both checks and documents to enable commercial customers to make deposits using a smartphone or tablet.

Several features make business mobile attractive to businesses:

  • Capture of both checks and documents
  • Capture of multiple checks/invoices in a single transaction (reducing deposit fees)
  • Automated receivables posting
  • Ability to capture remittance data including barcode and QR codes
  • Combined deposit limits across desktop and the business mobile application
  • Hard limits to prevent negative client experience when exceeding deposit limits
  • Tracking of out-of-country or sanctioned country deposits

Business mobile solution also can be configured to meet the needs of specific vertical market segments such as real estate, insurance, HOA, healthcare and many others.The bank believes the service particularly meets the needs of mid-market businesses that:

  • Deposit fewer than 200 checks per month
  • Are looking for ways to reduce operational costs
  • Physically transport checks to their main office and then to a bank branch or office for deposit
  • Are reluctant to deploy remote capture because of monthly fees and scanner costs

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