How Modern, ‘Driverless’ RDC Delights Customers, Saves Banks Time and Money

Mehul Patel May 10th, 2018

Explore in our new video series how next-generation RDC capabilities like this can improve your customer experience

If you’ve read the news lately, you’ve noticed the headlines: Self-driving cars are taking to the streets. Leading automakers like Tesla and General Motors, innovative tech companies like Waymo and Apple, and ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are all exploring driverless vehicles that rely on powerful artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

But there’s something that’s received fewer headlines, but is no less impactful: driverless technology has also arrived for Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)!

Of course, we’re talking about two different “drivers”—the individual behind the steering wheel, and the way an RDC desktop scanner communicates with the customer’s system. In both instances, the benefits are surprisingly alike. Smart technology enables humans to focus our attention and energy where it matters most, while intelligent systems automate the rest.

For financial institutions, staff can concentrate on customer relationships instead of RDC implementation, training, or troubleshooting.

Specifically, “driverless” RDC applies a universal scanner interface that works seamlessly with Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. RDC customers securely access RDC scanners over a network on in a thin client environment, which eliminates driver installation on an individual workstation.

Driverless RDC delivers:

  • A hassle-free installation at the customer site
  • Less friction when migrating customers to next-generation RDC platforms
  • Fewer customer service calls, with some banks reporting a 40 percent reduction
  • More time available for training
  • A stronger customer experience and long-term relationship

It’s just one of many next-generation capabilities that leading RDC providers now offer. From capturing multiple checks, invoice numbers and payment details in a single workflow, to updating accounts receivable systems automatically, and comprehensive user training embedded directly with the RDC solution, the options in today’s RDC platforms can truly transform the customer experience.

Enhancing RDC functionality does more than simply please customers. Done right, it also streamlines administration and fuels new growth for banks and credit unions. Financial institutions improve results, while simultaneously reducing staff workload and mitigating risk.

All RDC providers are not created equal

A combination of the right technology and provider support makes this possible. As this new interactive video series demonstrates, RDC providers with proven experience, dedicated resources and a commitment to innovative technology can help financial institutions in multiple ways:

Target more SMBs. In the U.S., 92 percent small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still receive checks, with four million of these organizations using the branch for deposits, rather than leveraging desktop or mobile RDC. One in three SMBs travel to the branch every day.

Generate more leads. For banks and credit unions with limited internal resources, a collaborative approach to marketing quickly jumpstarts RDC sales among existing business customers. One financial institution recently achieved nearly $90,000 in potential RDC opportunities.

Ace your audit. The right RDC platform eases your compliance burden, protects your bank and helps you accept deposits with confidence. Robust risk management controls put you in charge of deposit locations, amounts (and more). Review and decisioning tools make issue resolution fast and simple, from day zero.

Plan for growth. When it comes to growing deposits and strengthening customer relationships, financial institutions no longer need to “go it alone.” Leading vendors now incorporate a full range of implementation, marketing, training and support services with their standard RDC functionality.

The RDC market remains more competitive than ever. Banks and credit unions that refocus on the overall customer experience, enable businesses to do more, and partner with the right provider will find themselves in the lead.

Explore your options. This interactive video series shows numerous ways for financial institutions to meet growing customer expectations and expand your RDC sales. We encourage you to reach out to our experienced team of RDC professionals if you have any further questions.

This content is accurate at the time of publication and may not be updated.