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Privacy: Politics or Perception?

Each year on January 28th, organizations around the world celebrate Data Privacy Day to come together to showcase a commitment to the privacy of personal information. Email privacy, whistleblowing, and surveillance were all headline topics the past year. Given today’s technology and shifts in regulation expectations, programs need to adapt to address compliance from multiple…

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How Community Banks Can Up Their Lending Game Against Marketplace Lenders

While finding a niche market can be a revenue boon for a small bank, consumer lending has long been the bread and butter of most community banks. Selling mortgages, auto loans, credit cards and other consumer products is a natural fit for smaller financial institutions that emphasize the importance of personalized bank-customer relationships in a…

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Data Can Be Key in Improving Your Customer Experience

Imagine a chef who has leading-edge cookware at his disposal, top-of-the-line appliances and virtually limitless access to the most delicious, exotic, and exciting ingredients imaginable. You would think he has everything he needs to serve guests at his restaurant the most amazing meal they’ll ever eat. Except he’s missing one key element — an element…

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The Paper Check Lives: Why the Check Decline Slowed in 2016

You might not yet have seen the results of the new Federal Reserve Payments Study; after all, the summary was released just before the long Christmas holiday. But when you do, one thing that will stand out is the tremendous good fortune of the check – which had been on a collision course with irrelevance…

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3 tips for Competing With Mega-Banks for Millennial Business

Millennials are the most educated generation ever, the largest segment of the American workforce, and many are starting to attain important financial milestones in their personal and professional lives. There’s no question, Generation Y represents the single most important demographic for the future of the banking industry. But how bright will that future be? Will…

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Getting to Know You: Build Relationships at Deluxe Exchange 2017

“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” Practically every parent says some variation of that old adage to their child at some point during the parenting journey. You probably heard it from your own parents who heard it from theirs and so on. Originally, the saying was meant to…

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The Future of Email Privacy

While 2016 is behind us, many organizations are putting together year in review lists, and hot topics for 2017.  Uncertainty abounds on regulatory priorities, especially in financial services. However, one topic has emerged from last year as a continued hot topic for a privacy professional like myself. That topic is the future of email privacy….

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