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Two-step Sales Approach

When car sales dropped steeply, one auto dealer began using a sales technique to boost business that, with a little tweaking, can work for businesses in other industries. The dealer uses a two-step or two-prong process for convincing past customers to move up to a 2009 vehicle. I’m one of those past customers. The ads…

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The Postcard Arrived Too Late

Oops!   The oversized postcard from my local Ford dealer arrived in my mailbox on Wednesday afternoon.  It informed me that I might qualify for a $4,500 rebate if I stopped driving my old gas guzzler by turning it in for a new car or truck.   Early this morning, I heard on the radio…

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Idea: Newspaper Post-its

I don’t know how widespread this idea is, but it can’t be original to Lincoln. Every so often, the city newspaper attaches a classy-looking post-it style advertisement to the front of its home editions. These removable mini ads are 3-inch by 3-inch square, two-color to full-color, and are used by a wide range of businesses….

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Twenty Five E-Mail Marketing Messages In One Day

Yesterday, the Internet postal carrier lugged 25 e-mail messages across the super highway and dropped them off in my Outlook inbox. Thank goodness this mail box is far bigger than the traditional mail box hanging on the outside of my house. On the same day, the human postal carrier left me only one magazine and…

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Marketing Lessons from Hyundai

While sales for the big three tumbled, Hyundai—the little upstart from Korea—was increasing its market share. How did they do it? By identifying the major concern of the market. It wasn’t the price of the car, it was the insecurity of their jobs that kept people from buying. So Hyundai introduced a buyer assurance program….

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Whether or not you believe in coincidences, I found what passes for one yesterday. I posted “It’s Only a Name. So What?” yesterday morning, where I wrote about naming your checking accounts appropriately. I recommended you never use the word “senior” with your 50+ checking account and added: “In fact, you’ll find knowledgeable marketers across…

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The Emerging Internet Marketing Bubble

The problem with predictions is that they are most often wrong.   Part of the problem is that the people making the predictions are biased and generally pushing an agenda.  It may be something as benign as a forthcoming book or as malignant as attacking an existing business to promote a new business.   “Direct…

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