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Just Peel & Win

This isn’t about orange peels or peeling oranges, although that sounds like a winning idea right now. The Peel & Win is a highly specialized form of Tell A Friend certificate that really energizes both customer and branch staff interest in the program. I described the basics of the Tell A Friend (TAF) program in…

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Does Your Bank or Credit Union Need a Mascot?

Do you like your bank or credit union?  Are you satisfied with the service you get?   According to recent consumer research, odds are you may not be happy with your bank.   In the J.D. Power 2009 Retail Bank Satisfaction Study released in May, results show that only 35% of bank customers are highly…

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No More Follow The Leader?

Reading the bank and credit union ads is one of the reasons I look forward to the Sunday newspaper.   They provide me with some insight into what senior management and bank marketers feel is most important at the time.   Prior to the economic crisis, I could count on most of the Sunday ads…

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Freemium Packages Depend on USPS

I’ve stumbled upon at least one direct mail format that can’t be hijacked by the e-mail marketing crowd and moved online.   Thank goodness the United States Postal Service is safe from these vultures – at least for now.   It arrived in the mail on Tuesday from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Its thickness…

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Establish a Presence

In an earlier post, I told you about a bank that needed to boost awareness of its presence in a new market and overcome other problems at the location. Every move into a new market takes a special effort to establish your financial institution and make consumers aware of what you offer them. That was…

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Keeping Customers Informed

While I’m bothered by the “du jour” nature of my local credit union’s advertising, I do enjoy the quarterly newsletter that accompanies my checking statement.   My favorite part is the president’s letter.   In this month’s issue, the president’s letter, including photo, begins on the cover and continues on the first inside page.  …

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Do It For (and Through) the Kids

When I was a kid, my dad owned and operated a neighborhood grocery store. Looking back, I’m happy to see he understood the importance of advertising, even though his customer base was pretty localized. He chose to arrange many of his promotions so they’d benefit kids. In February, kids who came into the store could…

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