4 reasons you can’t miss DX18

Trevor Rasmussen January 17th, 2017

For most financial marketers, quarter one is the time to roll new initiatives into action, set the tone and build momentum. In comparison, the end of the year is ideal for taking a step back from the daily hustle to refuel your inspiration, perhaps by meeting with other great minds in your industry. Deluxe Exchange 2018 (or DX18) has much to offer, with an agenda packed with industry-leading speakers, helpful breakout sessions, great food and entertainment, and abundant networking opportunities.

Bonus: You may even find some spare moments to slip away and grab some sun and waves along the half-mile private beach that adjoins the Boca Raton Resort & Club! Here are a few highlights of what’s in store for you at DX18, which takes place Feb. 5-7, 2018.

Engaging keynote speakers

Once again, the Deluxe Exchange keynote speaker lineup features some of the most notable thought leaders in the industry, including business journalist Maria Bartiromo, magazine publisher Steve Forbes and best-selling author Daniel Pink. Bartiromo is the global markets editor at FOX Business Network. Forbes, of course, is best known for his flagship magazine empire, and Pink’s upcoming book, “When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing,” is scheduled for release on Jan. 9.

Introducing: The re-imagined Solution Studio

While conferences are great for hearing big ideas, we also want to make it worth your time by offering practical solutions to whatever specific issues you face. Make your appointment in the Solution Studio, and you can meet one-on-one with a Deluxe product expert. Plus, we’ll share some cool stuff that’s in the pipeline.

An intimate, productive environment

Quick question: What do you hate most about conferences? The lecture hall format is not always very effective, because big ideas get stuffed into folders and quickly pushed aside in the day-to-day hustle of real life. This year, we’re launching a more practical model so you can return from your conference in a good place to put those big ideas into action.

We’re offering intimate sessions where you’re matched with a relevant industry expert along with fellow professionals whose goals and interests are similar to yours. After the expert gives a brief presentation, you’ll have ample time to ask questions and bounce ideas off each other. (Click here for a sneak peek at the DX18 breakout sessions). It’s the perfect environment to get energized while also building your network.

A lean, mean event with tons of substance

We know how busy you are, which is why we want to make this well worth your time. That’s why we designed this conference with busy professionals such as yourself in mind. We keep it succinct, with a day-and-a-half event that packs in tons of content and actionable information you can bring home.

Sign up today to reserve your spot and to get the lowest possible price. Even better, invite a couple of colleagues from your team and save even more.


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