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Swatek Joe 2013-11

Healthy Ways to Promote Your Bank or Credit Union

As a marketing professional, you should always look for a new promotional angle. Another way to make your financial institution stand out in the public mind. Here’s an idea that might lead to a promotional campaign for your bank or credit union.

Apparently, working for community financial institutions is advantageous to your health. Seems that way because two ACTON Marketing clients are promoting their wellness awards. One bank won a statewide worksite health award and another earned a gold-level workplace award from the Wellness Council of America.

These are opportunities, folks. The first bank I mentioned is taking promotional advantage of the award by giving new accountholders a special tie-in gift: a digital food scale produced under the brand name of the weight-loss TV series, “The Biggest Loser.”

I’ve seen plenty of awards of all types used as extra promotional lines on marketing materials. It could be a state or city award, a newspaper pick, chamber of commerce recognition, popular vote by a consumer survey. Dozens and dozens of awards.

What do you do when your financial institution wins an award? Do you use it in your marketing materials? Can you plan an event around it? Could you create a promotion like the one I mentioned above — advertise your products using a gift with logical ties to your award?

When you plan your annual marketing budget, there should always be money for contingency plans — costs for unforeseen, serendipitous, opportunistic promotions. Awards and community recognitions fall under that category. Take advantage of any good-will, feel-good opportunities that show prospects your financial institution is a great choice for their banking business.

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