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Recap of 2017: Sharing Our Top Five Blogs From the Year

Well, the end of the year is quickly approaching which is a great time to recap another great year for our blog. I just wrapped up my fifth year of being editor of the blog and I am excited about some of the changes we’ve seen this year. We did a reorganization of the existing…

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“The Times They are a-Changin;” so are receivables payments

Why its time to revisit your current receivable approaches sooner rather than later. Bob Dylan was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the vast body of work throughout his career. His songs captured the social unrest of a nation in transition. Today, the payments landscape in the United States is also undergoing a…

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Anticipating Where the Puck will be to Win Business

A $6 billion-asset-bank with 465 employees serving clients in five states, subscribes to hockey legend Wayne Gretzky’s philosophy of, ‘anticipating where the puck is going to be.’ In short, the organization closely watches what large corporates are doing to anticipate what its mid-market clients will want in two to three years; and believes that an…

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Why CRM Systems Are Only Half The Answer To Better Onboarding

Banks already know the pain points in their treasury onboarding process that cause dissatisfied customers. Each step in the onboarding process at most institutions is paper-intensive and creates opportunities for redundant data, missing documentation, delays in receiving documents, errors, compliance risks, longer cycle times, customer and internal stakeholder dissatisfaction, and lost or delayed revenue. Making matters worse…

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Steal the Spotlight: How Regional Banks Can Stand Out in a Crowded Banking Market

Five years ago, small banks were beating up on the big banks. That is no longer the case. The crowded banking market is a competitive landscape. Regional banks encounter additional obstacles when seeking their fair share of the lime light, which is often focused on their larger counterparts. Simply put, larger banks have the scale…

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How Some Corporations Untangled Their AR Processes For Good

A corporation’s life-line lives in receivables management. A business’s ability to effectively apply and forecast cash, manage credit lines, alternative funding sources and resolve deductions has a significant impact on its liquidity and risk management. Today there are many outside influences that can complicate the receivables life-line. The proliferation of new payment channels and payment…

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4 reasons you can’t miss DX18

For most financial marketers, quarter one is the time to roll new initiatives into action, set the tone and build momentum. In comparison, the end of the year is ideal for taking a step back from the daily hustle to refuel your inspiration, perhaps by meeting with other great minds in your industry. Deluxe Exchange…

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