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Is Your Loyalty Program Doomed to Obsolescence?

Tradition in business can be a wonderful thing. Sending holiday baskets to clients every year or giving a plaque to employees who’ve been on the job for a decade are both great ways to reward a profitable business relationship. But if you cling to tradition in your loyalty program, you’re likely doomed to see it…

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New Research Shows Communication Vital to Switchers

Bank switchers represent both a risk and an opportunity for financial institutions. The risk is not only that your current account holders may decamp to another bank. You must also consider the risk that a switcher your FI snagged away from another will stagnate, never fully engage and end up costing your FI more money…

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Hello Our Name is The Millennial – Please Cater To Us

I can vividly recall my grandfather, an Air Force veteran, singing me military hymns to lull me to sleep or captivating my interests with stories about “the good ‘ole days”. We’ve all heard them, and you may have even told a few of these same tales. “When I was your age, I walked 10 miles…

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Camp Data Breach: Lessons from the USPS and OPM

By Brad Reimer, Deluxe Corporation This summer I was blessed to be able to take both of my sons to Cub Scout overnight camps. Safe camping relies on the camp staff and parents assessing risk to prevent it, observing situations to detect it, and responding to changes to mitigate it. The same approach can help…

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