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Learning to Read and Respond to Critical Consumer Signals

Marketing is by its very nature a predictive endeavor. If you can anticipate a customer’s needs, you have more opportunity to make a sale by fulfilling that need. Data and technology can help marketers predict what customers will need and want next, but only if you know how to interpret the silent signals the data…

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Cyber Week Offer & 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Deluxe Exchange 2017

If you’re like most financial institution marketers, the first quarter of your year is consumed by the drive to build momentum, implement new initiatives and ensure existing programs are rolling along — all while continuing to prove your team’s effectiveness to C-suite decision-makers. Even if it’s being held in a warm location when you’re buried…

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Simplification Secrets FIs Can Learn from FinTech Companies

In the ongoing contest between traditional banks and disruptors, FinTechs are looking pretty good. In fact, a recent EY global survey found 15.5 percent of consumers polled had used at least two FinTech products in the past six months. Why are FinTechs gaining so much ground? It’s not just about superior speed, convenience, flexibility and better tech…

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What’s in Store for DX17: Keynote Speakers with Impressive Political Chops

The annual Deluxe Exchange conference is always something special for the financial services industry, but DX17 is going to elevate the experience to a whole new level. It’s the first ever Deluxe Exchange in a presidential inauguration year — and the first time DX attendees will hear from two people who’ve had front-row seats to the…

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FinTech Is Not Your Enemy: Debunking the Worst Myths

We’ve all heard the chatter: FinTech firms are banks’ biggest competitors in the lending and payments. FinTech is going to destroy traditional banking. FinTech is the enemy. These days, it’s rare to attend an industry conference, participate in a company meeting, read an industry publication, peruse a banking industry website or chat around the water…

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Marketing is About Signals: How data influences all channels

In financial services, it’s very tempting for marketers to think of their activities in terms of channels. In fact, some of you might be tasked with being an expert in one of them which means you have a singularly threaded focus and goal. Each channel has its own idiosyncrasies, its own processes, its own KPI’s,…

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Success Stories Come From Creating Personalized Digital Experiences

Delivering a personalized banking experience used to be a straightforward task. Greet customers by name when they walk into the branch, send them a reminder postcard when you think they’re likely to need to order more checks, alert them with a personal phone call when their mortgage payment is a day or two late. In…

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