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Level The Playing Field With Business Mobile

Business mobile isn’t just for big banks. A boutique bank with no retail presence is leveling the playing field in some of the most competitive banking markets in the United States by offering its clients this ‘big bank’ product. Business mobile is a key part of the institution’s customer focus and is being introduced in…

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Barking & Bleeding: A New Security Standard Affecting RDC

Remember Yahoo’s (first) major data breach in 2014? Security gurus punched a few keys and showed the Internet their ability to easily obtain Yahoo email usernames and passwords. One expert tweeted his own accomplishment, 200 Yahoo user names and passwords in 5 minutes. Another example that hits closer to home for banks – hackers swiped…

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The Rules of Engagement: SMB Edition

How should you engage SMB customers to sell business mobile? New industry research concludes it may be best to put down the phone. Celent approached 397 small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to ask them how they prefer to engage with their banks. Their answers were loud and clear. Read on to find out the best communication tactic to get their attention….

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Business mobile RDC has a customer education problem

Business mobile remote deposit capture is causing a bit of an industry identity crisis amongst users. Celent recently surveyed almost 400 small and medium businesses to rate the appeal of four different capabilities unique to business mobile RDC. None of the respondents received an objective sales pitch before answering this question. The result? Instead of ranking…

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