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Using Data Analytics to Drive Lending Opportunities in a Rising Rates Environment

Times are changing for lending organizations, and it’s not by their choice. With the Federal Reserve raising rates last year by a quarter-point three times in six months, and more increases planned for 2018, the lending environment is rapidly changing for banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations. The status quo isn’t good enough. What…

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Using Machine Learning to Maximize Customer Acquisition and Retention

Two mothers sit on a park bench, watching their offspring on the playground. Mom No. 1 observes to Mom No. 2, “Your son is very intelligent.” Mom No. 2 sighs, shakes her head and responds, “Yeah, but he’s not interested in learning.” This vignette perfectly encapsulates the relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning….

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Are You Reaching Your Best Prospects? And Why Aren’t You Measuring What Really Matters?

CMOs and other marketing executives face key challenges delivering on direct marketing objectives through digital advertising (e.g. online and mobile). This is expressly true for those with high-value offerings like mortgages and other financial products. How do you reach the ideal consumer audiences effectively in a privacy-sensitive manner? How do you measure true ROI by…

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Data Can Be Key in Improving Your Customer Experience

Imagine a chef who has leading-edge cookware at his disposal, top-of-the-line appliances and virtually limitless access to the most delicious, exotic, and exciting ingredients imaginable. You would think he has everything he needs to serve guests at his restaurant the most amazing meal they’ll ever eat. Except he’s missing one key element — an element…

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Marketing Reverse Mortgages … Worth the Wait?

For some mortgage marketers, Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECMs), known as reverse mortgages, might appear to be more trouble than they’re worth. Highly regulated and available only to a limited segment of the public, the benefits reverse mortgages provide make them unique among home-equity products. HECMs allow your customers to not only eliminate their mortgage…

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Prescreening Leads and Staying Compliant

Gone are the days when marketing campaigns were carried out without researching the target audience in advance—the old-school “shotgun” approach. In this era of tight marketing budgets and specialized competition, targeted marketing, which offers maximum bang for your buck, is key. But for targeted marketing to work, you have to be able to determine in…

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Using Probabilistic Revenue Strategy for Effective Onboarding

Building long-term relationships of loyalty and trust with your account holders is the essence of good business, and the relationship begins when you bring on new customers, a process known as onboarding. Through effective onboarding, the financial institution introduces the new account holder to the company, thereby taking advantage of the critical honeymoon period to…

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