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Why CRM Systems Are Only Half The Answer To Better Onboarding

Banks already know the pain points in their treasury onboarding process that cause dissatisfied customers. Each step in the onboarding process at most institutions is paper-intensive and creates opportunities for redundant data, missing documentation, delays in receiving documents, errors, compliance risks, longer cycle times, customer and internal stakeholder dissatisfaction, and lost or delayed revenue. Making matters worse…

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3 Culprits that Sabotage Customers’ Treasury Onboarding Experience

“Banks must remember that customers want outcomes, not onboarding,” says Joanne Pollitt, principle executive adviser with CEB, a best practice insight and technology company. Onboarding is more than just a process. It has a significant impact on a bank’s time-to-revenue, ability to mitigate risks, profitability, and most importantly their client’s experience. For better or worse,…

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Maximize treasury revenue through more efficient onboarding

Bankers are feeling like their revenues are caught in a vice grip. Historically low interest rates combined with recent federal regulations taking aim at credit card fees and overdraft charges have left bankers scrambling to maintain—much less grow—their non-interest income. But, doing it on the backs of consumers can be a dicey proposition, as illustrated…

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