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2018 Technology Forecast for a Better Onboarding Experience [ON DEMAND WEBINAR]

The customer experience has solidified itself at the top of the podium as a competitive differentiator and deal breaker. If onboarding is one of the first impressions treasury management clients get of their bank, it makes sense that many banks are eyeing up the lofty idea of re-engineering their current processes. Over the past few…

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Can Onboarding Lock-in B2B Client Loyalty?

Research shows 7 in 10 corporate customers ready to switch banks Mention the concept of loyalty, and many of us think immediately of our college alma mater or favorite pro sports team. For others, it’s a product or service we swear by, perhaps a car or a sweatshirt we’ve held onto far past its natural…

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Why Are Banks Assembling Innovation Teams?

New bank innovation teams tend to favor a certain process improvement initiative. Bank innovation teams are fairly new trend. They are often assembled from a diverse mix of external consultants and internal employees across the departmental lines to focus on just about any sort of initiative, such as identifying internal silos hindering collaboration or improving day-to-day operations….

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What Do Onboarding Delays Really Cost Your Bank?

Ready, set, wait Road construction is a fact of life. Whether you’re headed across town or have the car packed for vacation, encountering a detour or traffic jam is inevitable. Driving is just one of the occasions where we’re conditioned to expect delays: airport security, license renewals at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or…

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Why Drones and Robot Vacuums Are Changing Business Banking

Technology is putting corporate customers in the driver’s seat – not banks. While making dinner, you turn to your voice-assisted device and tell it to turn on the TV. You listen to a news story about Amazon’s first public drone delivery while chopping carrots. A few pieces fall to the floor and your robot vacuum…

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Why CRM Systems Are Only Half The Answer To Better Onboarding

Banks already know the pain points in their treasury onboarding process that cause dissatisfied customers. Each step in the onboarding process at most institutions is paper-intensive and creates opportunities for redundant data, missing documentation, delays in receiving documents, errors, compliance risks, longer cycle times, customer and internal stakeholder dissatisfaction, and lost or delayed revenue. Making matters worse…

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3 Culprits that Sabotage Customers’ Treasury Onboarding Experience

“Banks must remember that customers want outcomes, not onboarding,” says Joanne Pollitt, principle executive adviser with CEB, a best practice insight and technology company. Onboarding is more than just a process. It has a significant impact on a bank’s time-to-revenue, ability to mitigate risks, profitability, and most importantly their client’s experience. For better or worse,…

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