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Your Fast Follower Strategy is Riskier Than You Realize

In my last post Leaders, Learners and Laggards I talked about banking leaders who describe their approach to innovation as being a “fast follower, and how my typical retort is that they are half-right— most of them are definitely followers, but there usually isn’t anything fast about their approach. This has spurred some great discussions…

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What Retailers can Teach FIs About Marketing

Many financial institutions don’t want to admit it, but the truth is simple – financial institutions are retailers. If you are not operating that way, you are missing key opportunities to engage with consumers and provide them solutions based on their needs. Think about it. When consumers shop at clothing stores, they generally don’t head…

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Evolution of the CFO: Moving from Bean Counting to Big-Picture Growth

I write this post today surrounded by water. At ground zero for the recent flooding in South Louisiana, I’m forced to watch friends and family as they salvage what’s left of the destruction. Many of these flood victims are located in high lying areas that have historically, NEVER flooded and thus, are without the benefit…

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Does planning for GDPR trigger a need for CPR in your privacy team?

2016 is a milestone year for data protection with the finalization of the new European Union privacy framework. The online dialog has continued with the milestone of August 1st, when the new Privacy Shield Framework became available for self-certification. For those of you not as familiar with these developments, the Privacy Shield Framework will replace…

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Consumers Say FIs Must Get Identity Theft Protection Right

When bank customers experience identity theft, do they blame their financial institution? Chances are they will, even if the incident of fraud did not occur through bank channels. Between 2013 and 2014, the number of consumers who switched financial institutions after experiencing fraud increased more than 10 percent, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center’s…

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Mobile Emerges as the Value-added Service with the Most Power to Drive Loyalty

Successful loyalty programs employ a variety of tactics to help engage consumers.  Recently this has become harder to do because of an emerging trend: consumers want more value. In exchange for handing over their hard-earned dollars, customers want something more in return than just the products or services they’re paying for. Some industries  are doing…

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Is the Financial Services Industry Ignoring Gen X?

By Robyn Kaiserman Gen X has been undeserved by the financial services industry, overshadowed by the retirement planning needs of Baby Boomers and the long-term potential of the Millennials. But Gen X has financial needs, too, and many have enough resources to be of real interest to the industry. There is plenty of opportunity for financial…

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