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The Economics of Trickle Down Compliance

In September 2008, the United States was experiencing not only the roll up to a Presidential election but experienced an economic crash now described as The Great Recession, or the Financial Crisis. Media headlines focused on the greed of Wall Street, and the excesses of the big banks that were too big to fail. The…

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Segmentation Lessons from an Ancient Roman Fruit Vendor

In your eagerness to stay on the leading wave of the digital transformation, is your bank sacrificing power for speed? Big data has the potential to help financial institutions create customer experiences that are meaningful, relevant and engaging on an individual level. But if you homogenize your use of digital channels and treat all your…

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Common Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You spend thousands of dollars on marketing each year. Some campaigns exceed your expectations and others completely flop. How does that happen? It’s easy to lose sight of what works when you get caught up in a marketing goal someone else set for you, or when you are focused on meeting a tight deadline. You…

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Build loyalty program success with delight-inspiring email

The only thing worse than sending a marketing email that fails to do what you want it to do is sending one that has the completely opposite effect of what you were trying to accomplish. When your customers receive an email from you regarding your loyalty program, are they delighted or annoyed? Intrigued or put…

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Success Stories Come From Creating Personalized Digital Experiences

Delivering a personalized banking experience used to be a straightforward task. Greet customers by name when they walk into the branch, send them a reminder postcard when you think they’re likely to need to order more checks, alert them with a personal phone call when their mortgage payment is a day or two late. In…

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Creating an Effective Board through Assessments and Succession Planning

“Choose your friends wisely.” “You are known by the company you keep.” “Surround yourself with amazing people.” If you’re anything like me, you’ve imparted these words of wisdom to your own children and certainly had them told to you on at least one occasion. We pass along this knowledge as the crowds you frequent influence…

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Meeting the Identity Protection Needs of Small Business Customers

By Laura Bruck, VP Marketing at EZShield Think you understand your small business customers? What about their need for protection against identity theft and fraud? Whether SMBs voice it or not, it is unquestionable, yet sometimes overlooked, that they need identity protection too. Small business owners have twice the risk of fraud since they are…

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