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Reach prospects in the best way, at the best time, through the best channel.

Today’s banking consumers are savvy and competition for their business is fierce. To cut through the many offers they receive from credit unions and banks, the pressure’s on you to reach prospective account holders where they are, and with just the right messages.

Our acquisition programs are designed to help you choose the best channels, both online and offline, for marketing to prospective account holders. With the programs in place, you’re poised to engage with your prospects in a manner, at a time and through the channels that are most meaningful to them.

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Generate better, more profitable account holders

Acquiring new account holders is not easy, and retaining them is even more difficult. In fact, research from Gallup shows that engaged account holders at banks and credit unions feel their financial institution doesn’t properly market to them. We show you how to intelligently target, grow and retain new account holders at key stages throughout the account-holder relationship.

Intelligently select, grow and retain account holders


Use integrated analytics to find prospective new account holders most likely to respond to your offer so you maximize your acquisition budget and success.


Successfully cross-sell to account holders within the critical first 120 days of a new banking relationship so you optimize engagement and profits.


Strategically respond to each account holder’s need with the most appropriate product offer so you increase account-holder retention.

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